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Books by Lula Adams

to help you draw closer to Jesus

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New book! God is moving in power today and changing lives with His loving presence. The true stories in this book include testimonies that show the power of prophetic art. This book may help you prepare for your miracle.

Messages of joy and love in heaven are waiting to find expression in art. The lessons in this book will help you discover how to produce art that heals, brings joy, and reveals God’s heart to the world. Find out how to produce art that glorifies Jesus.

This devotional journal is designed to spark your creativity as you think about God. A blank page follows each devotional to give you the space to write or draw what is in your heart.

Motivated by her devotion to Jesus and affection for the wild horses Lula Adams creates colorful prophetic horses to boost faith, hope, and love. Young people will love the pictures that release messages that portray characteristics of God.