Let Joy Arise

                      Joy and Happiness

I painted two canvases side by side. The painting on the right was featured in my blog post, Defeating Lies.

But, the painting seemed to express more joy when I turn it. So, I did.


I like the way more splashes of color stretch out showing the progression of happiness into joy when the pictures are together. On the lower right is a heart with a cross illustrating salvation. Happiness comes from the peace Jesus gives us and continues to spread joy into the atmosphere! God’s presence in our lives brings joy and happiness. But, I love the way joy  looks moving from the bottom up too. Joy is happiness with excitement on it!

Revival is coming!

New believers will be coming into the Kingdom of God, people who are tired of being afraid of death, and life. They will receive hope for today and tomorrow. New believers will become strong as they stand on the Rock, who is Jesus. They will learn the word of God and the power of God through Holy Spirit. This will make them a mighty people who work miracles, signs, and wonders. They will teach and love others into the Kingdom of God, and it will grow and flourish. Immorality will flee and righteousness and truth will flourish. And Jesus will smile upon the earth.

What will revival look like?

How did revival look when the church first started to make an appearance on the earth?

When the apostles Peter and John were at the Temple, they were confronted by a lame man who was begging for money. Peter had no money to give him. Instead, he gave the man what he carried. Peter commanded the lame man to get up and walk. As he jumped up and started walking and praising God, a crowd gathered to see this amazing thing. Then Peter took this opportunity to explain that this miracle was done through the power of the name of Jesus. He  proceeded to teach the people all about Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. He called them to believe and turn away from sin. As a result many people believed after they heard this message, and the church grew to about 5,000.

I went to Zimbabwe

with fellow Christians on a mission trip in September of 2018. Several of us went to the marketplace one day. Some of us had very little money to spend and the sellers kept showing us their goods, so we told them we had blessings to share instead. The women were eager to get in line for prayer. We prophesied and prayed over all who came. One woman said it was better to get a word from the Lord than any sale. They told us their pain left, and they were better. Several sellers wanted us to bless their shops too, so we prayed over their businesses.

Our hearts were filled with joy as we ministered in Jesus’ name.

Revival looks like the apostles Peter and John healing a lame man and then calling people to turn away from their sins. It also looks like sisters in Christ reaching out to bless and heal people in the marketplace.

While the apostles were teaching, they were arrested and thrown into prison. When Peter and John were warned not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus, they boldly stated that they can’t stop. After they were released, they went to their people and together they prayed to God for more boldness and more miracles, signs, and wonders. They received their answer. Suddenly the place was shaken and they were filled with Holy Spirit. They placed their hope in God. See Acts 3-4.

Are you connected to people who will pray with you? If you expect to be involved in this coming revival, then you must be connected to people of like mind and faith.

Your Prayers Matter

You must learn to pray with intensity and passion for yourself and others. When you pray with other believers and learn to follow the lead of Holy Spirit in prayer, you will find yourself praying with more faith and passion. You will see answers to your prayers. Your love and joy will increase. Join with other believers and pray together at home and in your churches. Do life together!

Prayer and fellowship with other believers is essential if you want to see revival.

The apostles Peter and John prayed with people they knew. I was not alone in Zimbabwe, but with other believers. Believers pray together, minister together, laugh together, and share the joy of the Lord with others.

Join with other believers and let joy arise in your heart! 

May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Your life in Christ makes you strong, and his love comforts you. You have fellowship with the Spirit, and you have kindness and compassion for one another. Philippians 2:1.

Scripture quotations are taken from the GOOD NEWS TRANSLATION, SECOND EDITION, Copyright©1992 by American Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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  1. Danny Rost

    Good word, Passionate Love mixed with Faith and Prayer, transform bitter hearts and broken spirits into living witnesses of Heavenly Joy.

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