How Long, Oh Lord?

Even when God tells you His plan and decision,

you might still struggle with believing God’s word.  

Jesus’ disciples were very distraught when Jesus was crucified and buried. But, he had taught His disciples and made it very clear to them that He must suffer and be rejected by the Jewish religious leaders. He would be put to death, but then He would rise to life three days later (see Mark 8:31-32). When the women who went to the empty tomb came back and told the disciples of Jesus’ resurrection, they initially thought it was nonsense and did not believe (see Luke 24:11). Later, they not only believed Jesus rose from the dead, but preached the gospel of salvation. It continues to be preached today.

If they remembered His teaching, how hopeful they would have remained during the dark days preceding His resurrection.

If you choose to trust God, how hopeful you will be as you wait.

You may see more than you can imagine.

Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, were Jesus’ friends. When he received word that Lazarus was sick, he stayed away two extra days. By the time he got to Lazarus, he was buried four days. Both Mary and Martha believed Jesus could have and would have healed their brother if only he arrived on time. But God’s plans were bigger than Mary and Martha realized when they wept over the loss of their brother. They received their brother back alive! He was raised from the dead! Jesus demonstrated that he had power over death and many people believed in him as a result.

But, there was more to God’s plan.

The religious authorities were very disturbed that so many people were believing in Jesus. They were afraid that soon everyone would believe in Jesus and as a result, the Romans would destroy their temple and nation. So they plotted to kill Jesus. But, this was also part of God’s plan. Jesus needed to die for the Jewish nation and all His people. See the Gospel of John chapter 11.

So Mary and Martha suffered temporarily the loss of their brother, but their suffering brought glory to God.

There was a purpose for God’s perceived delay.

Jesus arrived at the just the right time.

The more a rubber band is stretched the more energy is stored, so more energy is released when it is let go. God stretches the time as needed to get the most impact for good. God is good all the time.

Jesus healed a man’s hand on the Sabbath (see Matthew 12:9-14) even though He knew this would create problems between what the Pharisees taught about the Sabbath and the truth Jesus revealed. Jesus was determined to speak to the value of mankind. They valued a sheep enough to rescue it even if it fell in a deep hole on the Sabbath. He told them that a human being was more valuable than a sheep. It is allowed for a person to be helped on the Sabbath. After Jesus told the Pharisees the truth about the value of mankind and healed a man’s hand, they made plans to kill him.

Even if a lie is taught and believed, it can never change truth. It doesn’t matter how many people believe a lie or what group of people tells lies, it will not, cannot change what is true.

Lies are repeated in these days as if a multitude of false testimonies can somehow turn the truth into a lie. Impossible!

God has great value for mankind. That’s the truth. He proved it by dying on a cross and rising from death to give us eternal life. Believe the truth.

At the right time the promises God made to you will be fulfilled.

Let this word I received from the Lord about what is happening in these days give you comfort:

The hand of government all over the world lifted up their arms to pay homage to satan, who hates my creation, mankind. But I will strike back and lift the curse and revival will come. At the right time I will release the rubber band, I will release my power. The end is not yet. I am coming with power. Rest in me and believe for comfort and hope. Trust in me, I won’t let you down. My people are in my hands. Did I not heal that paralyzed hand? At the right time.

Just as Jesus made a stand, we too need to make a stand for truth. Jesus said,

But until I come, you must hold firmly to what you have. Revelation 2:25 GNT


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