Taking a Stand

Who is this horse? Her face is covered while she feasts. You must wait until she emerges to really see her, to get to know her, to even know she is a mare. I know who she is because I saw her earlier in the open before I took the picture above. She’s beautiful.

Would I know you with a mask? Would you recognize me with a mask?

I can’t wear a mask so I don’t. But, people try to force me to wear one just so I can buy and sell and receive services that I once received freely. This is not the only time when the risk of disease has been present in my lifetime. I am forced to experience discrimination for not wearing a mask. They’ve even made up an unkind label for me: anti-masker.

This means I have been confronted many times while trying to shop, and  several times I was not allowed to shop. Access to a dentist and a podiatrist were denied. No mask, no service. A masked medical assistant came over to my house for my annual checkup because I won’t wear a mask. No exceptions or exemptions are permitted in these medical offices. Tyrants are mandating rules that take away our freedom, while saying they are protecting us. Fear compels people to abide by these mandates that strip away our freedom. Lies are being spread and believed.

It doesn’t matter if I am healthy and without any symptoms of disease. I am considered untouchable, like I am poison. I can do social distancing, but that isn’t enough. A muzzle is required. They want me to look and feel submissive. Why?

When my husband and I voted we had to wait about 20 minutes while they cleared out the entire room of other voters. They let us vote in the corner of the room near the exit. We were treated like we were poisonous.

If you want to know what discrimination feels like, don’t wear a mask. It will help you understand how people feel when they experience discrimination.

This is a weird feeling.

Are you complying with mandates that supposedly mitigate disease but actually strip people of their freedom to be human and engage in business and other everyday activities?

Since the fall of man people die of disease. Will you choose to live in fear of disease?

I choose to trust God.

When you take a stand, you must prepare to experience some painful consequences, like restriction of your freedom. My freedom to buy has been limited. My freedom to visit doctors in their offices is blocked. We were treated like poison when we voted. It hurts.

But, there’s more. I sold my art and photography in several shows in 2019 but only once in 2020, just days before government mandated shutdowns shut me and other small businesses out of this marketplace. My freedom to sell is now limitedDid you know that before the Nazis started gathering the Jewish people for slaughter, they shut down their businesses? Then they labeled them with yellow stars to make them different. Any kind of labeling that makes some people different is a hotbed for prejudice and discrimination and injustice.

What has happened to our freedom? The kind of mask used by the general public does not work to limit the spread of the disease. Read the box when you buy one or read the Harvard study. I know a nurse personally who works in the COVID ward in a hospital. There she wears that special mask that works. But when she helped a patient who tested negative for the virus (so she did not use that special mask but a regular one) she and two other nurses got the COVID, because the test was wrong. She and her family recovered and she’s back at work. The recovery rate is 99%. I found out I was exposed to COVID and 5 days later I felt weak and had a slight cough. I recovered completely after 3 days.

We are being trained to obey our leaders without question. We are being trained to believe the media without question as they pervert the facts to keep the public captive to fear.

Don’t trust non-maskers. Don’t trust whatever you once believed, but trust your governor who is doing all this mitigation for your safety. Germs are everywhere and germs KILL. So what if suicides, drug overdoses, and depression are up. They have set up counseling hotlines for you. So what if people lose their businesses and are begging for bread. They will give you unemployment benefits. Would you rather die of a terrible disease?

Why are you ok with that?

How long will a free society stand without critical thinkers?

Schools have become a shadow of what they were. Fear of disease is being used to dumb down the population intellectually. Fear of disease through FAKE science has been amplified to control you.

The mask restricts your ability to breathe freely, to speak, to hear, to eat, and to drink.

And it covers your identity.

Who knows who you are when your nose and mouth are covered? Humans are made in the image of God. It is through our faces that God’s glory is reflected.

“All of us, then, reflect the glory of the Lord with uncovered faces” 2 Corinthians 3:18a GNT

Why are world leaders using the mask if not to dehumanize people, if not to control and manipulate people? Why are you giving them the right to take away our God given identity?

To comply to rules that dehumanize us is unacceptable. I will choose to stand. My conscience towards God matters more.

I am doing my part to resist tyranny.

Will you?

Please take note: God is with us. My suffering is slight compared to how some have suffered under the governor’s mandates. Watch this video to see distraught suffering people bringing testimony before the Washoe County Commissioners regarding these awful mandates. The “cure” is far worse than the disease.

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  1. Allyson Baker

    That is very good Lula you are a hero in my eyes and leading the charge for America’s road back to freedom!!! Put on your seatbelt ! Here we go!
    Hugs and love !

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