Long, Strong, Healthy Life

Blue Knight

Wild horses live in family groups, but this young stallion was alone. As soon as he spotted us, he stopped. Then, running up the hill he stopped again. He trotted closer. Glenn and I hiked closer until we were at a comfortable distance, and I took some shots. It felt so peaceful just being close to this stallion. He must have felt it too because he bent down and began to graze.

He didn’t want to eat alone!

This magnificent stallion is most likely on a quest to win a mare and start a family. It will require all his courage and strength. But for now he was alone. So we spent some time together.

I named him Blue Knight. He is in his prime. Just by the way he holds his head I can tell Blue Knight is looking forward to living long, strong, and healthy. He is not discouraged because he is alone. He found someone to hang with for awhile. Life will  turn around, and he will win his mare.

Do you believe

you will live long? Are you healthy now? As you age will you be strong? Will you be healthy and strong enough to climb up steep rocky paths? Just before we spotted Blue Knight I was praising God for having the ability and strength  to trek up the side of that mountain.

I remember years ago when I first realized that God shortened man’s lifespan to 120 years in  Genesis 6:3; I prayed that if I had to live that long, I wanted to be healthy! God is answering my prayer!

The patriarch Abraham lived to be 175 years, Jacob who is also called Israel, lived 147 years.

But, what about Psalm 90:10?

Seventy years is all we have – eighty years if we are strong.

Some research shed light on that verse. It was written by Moses. He was writing about a generation of people who rebelled against God and were not allowed to enter the promised land. After 40 years of wandering, those people died and a new generation arose to take the promised land, a generation that had not known Egyptian culture and slavery.

Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died; he was as strong as ever and his eyesight was still good. Deuteronomy 34:7

Three other people who participated in the wilderness journey are worth our notice. Aaron, Moses’ brother lived to be 123. Joshua and Caleb were the two scouts who reported the truth and believed that with God they could conquer the land. They lived long lives. Joshua became Moses’ successor and led the people to take Canaan. Joshua lived 110 years. It doesn’t say how long Caleb lived, but at age 85 he was strong enough for anything.

Caleb said, “… I am eighty-five years old and am just as strong today as I was when Moses sent me out. I am still strong enough for war or for anything else. Joshua 14:10-11

So, if there are people in the Bible who lived long, strong, and healthy lives, why can’t we? Jesus healed all the people who came to Him. He revealed His will for wholeness and health. Jesus is the same as ever. He is my Healer.

Long life is the reward for the righteous, gray hair is a glorious crown. Proverbs 16:31

So, perhaps you have yet to see your dreams fulfilled. What if you lived longer and enjoyed good health? I was 58 when Holy Spirit led me to buy an expensive camera as my Christmas present from God. I did not even know how to use it. I didn’t take it out of the box until the night before I took a photography class several weeks later. I actually needed to read the instructions in order to put in the battery and turn it on. I started photographing horses shortly thereafter. Just a few months later, at age 59, I started selling my photos.

God planted a vision

in my heart. I followed through. I cannot even begin to share how much joy God has given me through the challenge of becoming a professional photographer. 

If God called you into a destiny that you are not living out, try again. 

God gives 2nd chances, and more! Don’t give up!

Having a vision to fulfill and goals to meet will keep you young regardless of your age.

Don’t just sit around and do things that don’t matter. If you need a vision seek God with all your heart. God has good plans for you. Find out what His plans are for you. Read Jeremiah 29:11-13. Let the Bible come alive for you.

The promises in the Bible are for you.

God says, “I will save those who love me and protect those who acknowledge me as LORD. When they call to me, I will answer them; when they are in trouble, I will be with them. I will rescue them and honor them. I will reward them with long life; I will save them.” Psalm 91:14-16. If you love God and know Him as your Lord, this is for you.

Get on God’s good side. Jesus is easy to love. He is so good.

May God bless you with a long, strong, and healthy life. May you find  joy and happiness as you follow Holy Spirit.  He will lead you and show you how to fulfill His good plans for you.

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Blue Knight

Scripture quotations are taken from the GOOD NEWS TRANSLATION, SECOND EDITION, Copyright©1992 by American Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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  1. Danny

    Amen…’Call on me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things which you still do not know about.’ Jeremiah 33:3

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