Living with Christ in You

Announcing my new book!

Read true stories that testify of God’s goodness. A woman experiences beautiful worship and sees a spiritual battle being waged when she collapsed and died. A police officer chases an intruder who stops and shoots at him 6 times with a .38 caliber revolver. Find out what happens when you read his story.

These testimonies of God’s intervention in real people’s lives are not only fascinating and inspirational, but will help you increase your faith. I am a prophetic artist and have included some of my own testimonies and poetry to encourage you in your faith walk.

The cover of my book is a prophetic drawing I did called “Transformation.” It shows the dramatic changes that can occur in your life when you live in Christ. Chaos is turning into order by the power of Holy Spirit.

This book may help you prepare for your miracle!Click on book image or this link to see a preview of my book.

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