Not Wearing a Mask


I turn to look at the man at the desk as I walk through the entrance. I notice he is wearing a mask and sitting at least 50 feet away from me behind a long desk.

“You MUST wear a mask to enter!” (I am following instructions. I wear a mask. Who do you think you are to be different?)

“I can’t.” (I shake all over when I wear one. It is dehumanizing to cover faces so that people’s expressions are not seen. My conscience bothers me if I wear one. I am not sick. A mask can’t protect you anyway since the virus particles are so small they will pass through “street masks.” It prevents me from breathing correctly and from talking clearly. Besides, the governor is lying to us about the threat of this virus. I  prayed. I read the statistics, and I am not stupid. And, I know about herd immunity. A mask will not stop fear.  Small businesses have been shut down. Many are unemployed. For lies. I will not submit to fear and lying propagandaI am not afraid. My God is my Protector.)

“Uh…” (I don’t know what to do. You are supposed to listen to me. They didn’t tell me what to do if someone says they can’t wear a mask.)

“I’m just going in to drop something off.” (I’m not going to breathe on you or anyone else. I’ll be quick.)

“Uh…” (I don’t have any way to stop her. They didn’t give me handcuffs, a baton, a taser, or a gun.  And, I’m not equipped to do anything. What if they catch me letting her in? Will I lose my job? She’s in now anyway.)

“Don’t worry.”

(It’s ok. Really. Relax. It’s alright. I’ll just be in and out. It’s all good.)

The store was rearranged so there would be plenty of room to move around without getting close to anyone. A couple of people seemed to move away as I entered. I went to the lady wearing a black mask sitting behind the large clear plastic panel in front of her. It had a hole cut out so she could pass small things through and collect payment. I spoke briefly with her, handed her my delivery, smiled, and quickly walked out.

Whew! I got through another barrier to doing business. This was hard. But, I have no choice. I must draw on Holy Spirit to give me courage. And I must make a statement for freedom.

This is the United States of America. I never thought it could be like this.

Click here to read about a woman arrested for not wearing a mask. Yes, in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Not Wearing a Mask

  1. Kathie Griner

    Thanks for sharing your story!
    I was stopped by Hobby Lobby manager after a conversation where I pointed out the law (which there isnt one) but even if there was one the law allows exemtions for health and religion! But he was stubborn and was going to call the police so I complied willing to take my case
    to a higher authority! I wrote Hobby Lobby corp office and they affirmed that they would comply to law requirements!This also happened only one other place Vitamin Shoppe where a sales women wouldnt serve me without a mask though the store was empty! After a similar conversation I left and wrote corp office they wrote back a great letter apologizing and said they would fix the problem! I say all this to prove there is No Law that requires everyone to wear a mask! Even walmart has on their signs these exemptions! So stand up! Speak out for the sake of freedom!

    1. Pastor Lula Post author

      Hi Kathie,
      Thank you for sharing your stories. I’m so glad you were willing to write letters to demand respect for your rights.
      I have another interesting one…I walked into a story without a mask and noticed the salesman quickly put one on, but said nothing to me as we discussed the product I was interested in. I told him I would probably be back with my husband, but first I wanted to see if I would be attacked for not wearing a mask. He said, “Don’t worry. As soon as I saw you didn’t have one, I put mine on so you would be safe.”
      I said,”The mask is to protect you, not me. I’m not afraid of you.”
      “Thank you,” he said.
      Another time I was told they would accompany me through the store to keep me safe. And so I shopped with a store clerk. Was she going to chase anyone away who came near mask-less me?

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