That Path

We are all on a journey. There will be an unexpected turn. Do we continue on that path we’re traveling or do we go another way or turn back? There will be choices, important decisions. Some of our choices will result in success while others may be disastrous. How I choose matters to me and to those around me who care for me.

Are you faced with an important decision today? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could know the end at the beginning? It certainly would help you decide to stay on that path, or go another way.

The Sovereign LORD is coming to rule with power, bringing the people he has rescued. Isaiah 40:10 GNT

The Lord gave me this verse before this breakdown that has happened this year, before the FEAR. I started out so hopeful believing that this year will be one of power. God would draw the ones He is rescuing to Faith Colors Church, to build it. And there would be healing, signs, and wonders. Revival.

By now I have seen the power struggle between the forces of darkness and the children of light. I see more than ever that it’s not about giving immoral people the right to be immoral, but about the spreading of their immorality to destroy the human race. I’ve wondered, will abortion continue to destroy lives? Who will be merciful to the innocent of mankind? For almost 50 years our courts have punished those who are innocent.

Now there is such an atmosphere of depression and desolation. There are more suicides than deaths from this virus. Fear is rampant. Small business, the root of free enterprise that gives people a way to put bread on the table without a big boss, is being destroyed. On purpose. Where does that path lead?

People are designed to be happy in families in close relationships with one another. Immoral behavior is selfish and takes from others without giving back. And the lust is insatiable. For example, one of the 10 commandments forbids adultery. The unfaithful partner takes what belongs to the rightful mate and gives it to another. That other receives stolen affection which is deceitful and incomplete. All three people involved become broken and unstable. Their choices in other areas become tainted. That path…

Sin corrupts the whole person and those close to them.

Victims get caught up in unforgiveness. Hate enters and is difficult to resist without God. Hate creates unhappiness and depression. Betrayal affects all parties involved. Who can trust someone who has betrayed another? Without trust, love doesn’t flow freely. And who can feel peace when they have betrayed others? The pain of betrayal killed Judas (he hung himself after betraying Jesus).

The only solution in a cycle of betrayal is repentance to God and a change of heart. A new heart that is soft and sensitive changed by God will change a person’s actions. And just as winter turns to spring, life can be filled with hope again. But, without intervention, sinners stay in winter.

Sin is bondage. Christ is freedom and life eternal.

I believe God will come with power to rescue people. He will intervene. Many people will choose freedom from the bondage of sin and fear. There will be revival. Abortion will be overturned.

I’m staying on that path that trusts in God. He will draw people to Faith Colors Church. There will be healing, signs, and wonders. He will build His church.

After all, He showed me the end before the beginning of this crisis so I would have hope. I have hope.

I invite you to join me in that path of hope. The way is clear. God is faithful and true; completely trustworthy.

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  1. Daniel Glenn

    This is very good Lula. If you enjoy writing them I encourage you to keep on doing them, you have much to share. May you be encouraged and refreshed during this autumn season and may the change of colors in nature give you inspiration for God’s work in Faith Colors.

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