Do you see the winged heavenly being who looks very determined? He is flying with purpose. Several others look playful and relaxed. Because I painted this picture at a time when I wanted unity with someone, I called it Peacemaker. This picture reflected the determination I felt to be a peacemaker. So, I took a risk and resolved to do my best to make peace. I was successful.

Our heavenly Father took the first step to make peace with mankind.

Sin divided us from our heavenly Father. Sin is so deadly that the only sacrifice for sin is the shedding of blood. So, our Father sacrificed His son, Jesus, who was not guilty of sin, to die for our sins. Jesus felt the venom of willful sinners spitting hate toward Him as they mocked Him, scourged Him, and crucified Him. He also felt the wrath and fury of God at the cross. He paid the price for peace between God and man. Jesus was determined and successful.

Peace with God has an awesome reward, life everlasting.

When we believe in Jesus and receive His sacrifice for our sins, we receive the gift of Holy Spirit. He will help us live in harmony with our heavenly Father and people.

The word of God clearly says,

The Spirit has given us life; he must also control our lives. Galatians 5:25.

Holy Spirit produces virtues in us as we allow Him to direct our lives: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control. These virtues are also called the fruit of the Spirit. Just like a healthy tree produces fruit, so does a healthy child of God produce virtues.

If we follow Holy Spirit we will not give in to our human nature. We will instead put to death our human nature, embrace God’s divine nature, and express the above virtues.

Do you realize that these attributes are expressed in relationship with God and people? For example, if you tell God you’re sorry, but you don’t apologize to your friend, is your apology complete? Can humility be expressed in secret? Will kindness mean anything if you are not kind to someone?

Human nature is contrary to the fruit of the Spirit.

Some of the characteristics of the human nature are witchcraft, separation into groups, fights, jealousy, and anger.

There are groups that are stirring up trouble in our land. They are causing division and fights. Some are out in the open pretending to protest peacefully, but they are not interested in unity or prosperity. They are picking out a group and targeting them. Others are stirring up trouble underground.

I had a dream of an underground cavern filled with papers. I knew that it would be very stinky when it was discovered.

Our elected leaders are forcing people to wear masks. They are lying to us when they say it is for our safety.

The mask is dehumanizing and disabling people.

A mask is a muzzle to keep people quiet and compliant. The mask promotes fear and separates people. We are designed by God to be in relationship with other people. It’s hard to trust another person if we can’t see or touch them. Our leaders want people to turn on one another to enforce their unjust and dehumanizing rules that are not based on law passed by our legislators. A person without a mask is looked at as suspicious and full of germs. Masks divide us. They create isolation, fear, and anger.

We don’t have to wear masks.

Using the guise of science our leaders are actively destroying businesses. By destroying businesses they are destroying people’s livelihood. They destroy using the pretense of keeping people safe.

Too many people don’t realize that science is not absolute truth nor is it exact.

Science is based on theory and there are many theories. Often scientific theories are not in alignment with one another. They can analyze statistics in a variety of ways in order to prove what they want to prove. Science has been elevated to god status and the science experts are the prophets. They have prophesied disaster: overcrowded hospitals without proper ventilators and millions of deaths. And when it didn’t happen as predicted (thank God), no responsibility is accepted for their mistakes. The disaster that has come is not from a virus but instead from the spread of fear.

Let’s take a brief look at the science of germs.

One theory is older and tested. It is identified as “herd immunity.” This theory releases healthy people to be free because there is an understanding that exposure to germs is inevitable and some exposure must occur. This increases the body’s ability to build antibodies to fight germs. This is centered on God’s design for survival through waves of plagues. Most survive and many have no symptoms. The sick are isolated, but still cared for and often nursed back to health. And people do not walk around in fear of healthy people who are not wearing masks. A lockdown of healthy people is counter productive.

The other now popular theory

teaches the importance of not exposing people to germs in order to prevent disease. This is centered in self protection. There’s no reason to trust in God, because you can trust in washing your hands thoroughly. It has some truth in it since exposure to sick people increases the spread of disease and washing your hands is good. But the problem is that exposure to people who are well is viewed as scary, even though the CDC and WHO said that asymptomatic people rarely spread this disease. This results in isolation and quarantine of all people, who are designed to be in relationship. People are forced to give up their constitutional freedom whether they show symptoms of illness or not.

A lockdown only served to delay the inevitable outbreak. That’s the real reason there is an increase in cases. This theory is damaging our economy and therefore hurting people. People who are sick become a threat to the living instead of sick people being in need of love and care. And we’re supposed to wait for science to save us, to come up with a cure, a vaccine that many people will refuse to take, if they find a vaccine.

Jesus is still the healer today.

Jesus touched the lepers and made them whole. Do not be afraid of man and his gods of science. Overcome by His power, by His blood, by His love. Pray for our nation, for our world.

God brings unity and peace. But human nature spreads fear. When God shows up, He says, “Fear not.”

Just as the falling of hail from the sky is shocking in the summer, so shall the cooling off be of the pressure people are experiencing now. It will come suddenly and cool off the heaviness in the land. Do not be afraid! I am coming, says the Lord.

Trust God.

I had a dream about the virus on April 6, 2020. I have not been afraid of the virus since then.

A crowd of people were gathered. There was fear. Someone shouted, “Watch out!” A small child was running through the crowd coughing. I was in the crowd but on the outskirts. She came through the crowd into a space with no people and fell on her back. I looked at her. It didn’t look like a real child.


The small girl represents the corona virus creating panic with her coughing. Everyone seemed afraid of her and when she dropped down, no one loved her. That was unusual. She didn’t look like a real child because she symbolized this virus. Left without people to cough on, she died. She did not grow up, but died young. This means this virus will have a short life span, less than expected. The whole scene happened quickly showing the panic will not last.

When we choose to believe and trust in God, we will have peace. He is our peacemaker.

It is up to you and your conscience before God how you will respond to this message and all my messages. May God bless you and lead you in all your ways.

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  1. Molly Day

    That was good! This is from Molly. I think you hit the nail on the head about what’s been going on. People are being conditioned. We need to break out of that to thinking for ourselves.

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