Look Out

There is a place I look intently with purpose; I can see it in my heart. I am known and accepted and understood. The truth is here. Jesus in me.

If you hike up a mountain and look out over Lake Tahoe, you may sense the awe and wonder of God’s glorious creation. You may reflect on how you feel as you gaze over the majestic mountains and crystal blue lake. Can you be known and still be accepted by your Creator? Can you trust God? Is He trustworthy?

I can testify that God is trustworthy. I heard about Jesus and read about Him in the Bible. The Spirit of truth spoke to my spirit, and I believed. My soul was saved. But there is more to this walk of faith than our initial experience of salvation. I had to learn to trust in God in my every day life; to trust in His word, in His good character, and in His best intentions for my life.

Trust takes risk.

You must step out in faith, take God’s word seriously and test it out. You have to take one step after another until you reach the top of that mountain.

For example, the word of God says,

You are my hiding place; you will save me from trouble. I sing aloud of your salvation, because you protect me. Psalm 32:7 GNT

My part is to believe this is true about God and step out to receive His help when I am in trouble. Then I will sing of His salvation.

I was a wreck for awhile after my divorce. I placed my heart in God’s care. So every morning I journaled with Jesus (I still do). He listened to my broken heart and spoke gentle loving words to me, and I listened. Jesus became my hiding place, my safe place. He told me to make a list of the qualities I wanted in a man. So, I did and I prayed over my list. After He healed my heart and made me strong again, I still had to wait for His timing. First I needed to understand that God knows me, accepts me, and loves me. I did not turn to food, alcohol, or immoral living.

Jesus became my hiding place, my source of strength.

Now I can sing from my heart of His salvation. He brought my husband Glenn into my life. Eight years after my divorce, we were married. I not only am married to my best friend, he is my partner in life. We love God together. It’s a beautiful way of life.

May you be known of God and feel His love and acceptance. He is so valuable, and you are valuable too. Remember, you were worth His death on a cross of suffering. God loves you. He is worthy of your trust.

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