Pride is Stupid

Two fumaroles are emitting steam and sulfurous gases at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Is there any land on earth more desolate than a volcanic fumarole and the area surrounding it? The sulfuric gases fill the air with a stench. Nothing grows there because it is truly dry. When I took this picture I could drive away. But, what if you couldn’t leave? What if you were stuck in a place where you were doomed?

The prideful are doomed. Although they lift themselves high, they must fall; they will fall in such a desolate land with a crash that will cause the dust to rise. It is the Lord God Almighty who made mankind, and not one person who has died has ever come back to life and stayed alive to go bodily into heaven except Jesus, the Christ. Such a person deserves to be heard. He has the answers you need.

There are 10 commandments written by the hand of God. Let’s consider one of them. Do not commit murder. But they actually murder a child inside a woman’s body! Such deceit! They actually believe that they are relieved from a murderous act because the baby has yet to breathe. What words are there to describe such stupidity? They have the knowledge to cause a child to survive if it comes out of the woman’s body alive in many stages of pregnancy, so they kill it inside, to hide the murder, to stop the breath. This is pride. This is ultimate stupidity. And they actually walk around believing such blatant lies.

To Think or Not to Think

As a way to show they have conquered and control the breath of life they allow the murder of the ones who do not breathe air. The immature human is growing and and moving and kicking inside the womb. It is God who made humans to grow in the body of a woman until they are mature enough to breathe air. There will be justice for the innocent blood that is shed. If you agree that abortion should be legal, you agree that the law must be judged as either just or unjust. Only God who created mankind has that right. He said not to commit murder. It is not a great mystery how well man’s law will stand up in God’s court. It is always self-will versus God’s will and He will make the final decision.

There is a lack of thinking through to the end and the consequences of serious decisions. It isn’t that a person couldn’t think but they refuse to think because it’s easier not to think. They want what they want.

Life eventually comes to an end on earth.

Have you considered that your life here on earth will be judged? Will you be found innocent or guilty in God’s sight? If you have broken God’s laws you will be found guilty. If you commit murder by abortion or agree to it, you will be found guilty.


you throw yourself at the mercy of God’s court and plead the blood of Jesus. For the sake of His son and His blood sacrifice, you can be found innocent.

How can this be?

Jesus died for you and He rose from the grave. He conquered death and all sin, even abortion. But to have the right to plead the blood, you must repent or turn away from your pride and self-willed stupid living and turn to living God’s way. It’s hard, but we can do it by the power of Holy Spirit, who is our guarantee that we will be forgiven. We can enter into eternal life on that awesome day of judgement.

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Pride in this post is discussed from the idea of self-will versus God’s will. Stupid is used to describe a self-willed person who is making decisions and acting out of disregard to reasonable and probable dangerous outcomes.

2 thoughts on “Pride is Stupid

  1. Daniel Glenn

    Lula, I love that you have written on abortion on your last two blogs. Pride is something I have struggled with and it is a scary and nasty thing (Believe me).

    Abortion is an atrocity that we as a church should not have let go on for so long. It is really encouraging to see the pro life movement surge in our nation over the last 4 or 5 years! With Live Action, The American Center for Law & Justice, Focus on The Family, POTUS and others at the helm. Father, I ask you that all of the over 500 billion of tax payer dollars going to Planned Parenthood would completely go away in the next 180 days. Father I ask that you change the hearts of politicians against this evil and that you would give courage to those afraid to go against their political party’s stance on this. Father we repent as your people for not praying and doing more about this giant that must be slain!

    Father, this one subject alone, I believe in your eyes is good enough to re-elect our President & Vice President into the highest offices of our land in order to protect your unborn children. Thank you Lord for your mercy but the time is now. Change our hearts in this nation. Let abortion providers see the movie Unplanned, I ask for a tidal wave of your love & truth to hit abortion clinics all over our land causing them to shut down. Father, I pray that states continue to support our 1st amendment rights for pro life front line workers to continue to love on and save babies outside of abortion clinics all over our nation. Father, the time is now to end abortion in our land. There will be no more shedding of innocent blood. I ask these things in your mighty name Father Good, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Amen

    Thank you Lula πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ•ŠπŸ›‘πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ›‘πŸ•Š

    Just discovered this this week via Focus on The Family for anyone who might read this and want to take action against abortion up a notch:

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