Be Brave, Christ Defeated the World

How proud is the mare of her new little colt. Oh, how she loves to give him all her attention. Her stallion watches over them, protecting them, so honored to take care of them.

What is this ugly thing that has happened to human beings, that women consent to give over their bodies to be violated and their children sucked out? The fathers stand back and allow the murder of their children. What a terrible aberration of how God designed people to live.

The mask they are wearing cannot cover the shame of the murder of innocents and the destruction of the family. Some even glare hatefully at those who don’t wear the masks as though covering shame is normal and good.

But, God exposes the shame because freedom to live must reveal the shame first, before healing can begin. Anyone who has participated in the killing of the innocents knows this shame. If you have purposely destroyed your family, the shame is real.

“The world will make you suffer. But, be brave! I have defeated the world!” John 16:33 GNT

These are the words of Jesus.

Even this terrible sin can be overcome. The blood of innocents is crying out and has been crying out for almost 50 years in the US. Only the blood of Jesus can defeat the shame.

And the only ones who really care are those who truly believe that humans were made in God’s image, that He created a man and a woman to become one, have children, and multiply.

Because God is good, if we pray and turn away from our sin, He will heal this land. He will heal our hearts and cleanse us from shame and guilt. The masks will come off and we will breathe freely again.

Be brave. Speak out the truth and stand on it.

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